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Dimitris Chasanidis

Hey, My name is Dimitris Chasanidis

A Software Engineer focused on Deep Learning applications, Data Science & Backend Development.

About Me Here you will find more information about me, my exprience, skills and some of the projects I have worked on.

Get to know me!

Hey! It's Dimitris Chasanidis and I'm a Software Engineer located in Thessaloniki, Greece. I've worked on remote projects, consulted on scientific projects and collaborated with talented people to create highly used products.

Right now, on my free time, I'm working on a very cool project. Draive is a platform created by a group of university students and academics that aims to achieve fully autonomous driving.
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My Skills

Spring Boot
Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Projects Here are some of the projects I've worked on in the past and think that are cool for display!

Software Screenshot

X-ray Classification using Deep Learning methods

This project was carried out as my BSc thesis. It is a deep neural network that given a chest X-ray as input can detect on of several potential diseases with high accuracy.

Live demo
Software Screenshot

Authentication System - Kotlin Spring Boot

I have worked on multiple backend applications that required authentication. Every time I had to recreate the authentication process from scratch. With this application I try to display some of the main things I do every time I implement an authentication system.

Live demo

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